5 Reasons to visit Amber Fort of Jaipur at night on your trip to India.
Amber Fort

I have visited Jaipur 2 days ago with my local friend Mr Narji. Mr Narji is an experienced tour escort working in the Indian tourism industry from last 16 years. He shared local perspective and knowledge of Jaipur with me (thank full to him which I wouldn’t be able to know otherwise). Other than that he had been a wonderful host too. The restaurants that he has shown me to suggest to our future guests on their trip to India and local everyday life of flower and vegetable market of Jaipur and out of that the most influenced one was a night tour of Amber fort. During my last one year‘s work with Kiwi n Tiger and on all of my tours of India; I have only visited Amber fort during the mornings. The main reason was the elephant ride up to the Amber Fort. But visiting Amber Fort at night was a real eye-opener and here are the 5 big reasons for that –

Amber Fort
1.No crowd at all – Visiting Amber fort or Amer town at night while you are on your trip of Rajasthan is a lot more convenient compared to the day. The reason is fewer tourists which leave the fort all to you. I don’t know if most of the tourists’ companies don’t know about it or doesn’t want to know about it but none of them is bringing their guests to Amer at night and this is proving in lot more fewer tourists traffic and definitely gone give you much better and personalized experience for your fort visit.

Amber Fort


2. Fort Lights – Amber fort lights up in beautiful multi-colour lights which gives it an exceptional look. As on your 15 days luxury tour of India, you are going to visit Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur during the day time so it’s definitely worth to experience a fort at Night.


Amber Fort

3.Cheap Tickets – Ticket for foreign tourists is a lot more cheaply during the night than day i.e. INR 100 for night visit and INR 500 for a day visit.


Amber Fort


4. Pleasant weather– As you know that Amber Fort is situated on a hill, so it’s a lot more pleasant to visit the fort during the night comparative to the day especially during your summers tour of India. Also, the night view of Amer town from the fort also adds up to the experience.


Amber Fort
5.No Hawkers – Amber Fort is deluge with illegal hawkers and photographers during the day. But that’s the case with Amber Fort only and not with any other Fort in Rajasthan. It’s very unfortunate to say that this can spoil your experience of the Fort as they can be quite pushy with their sales and distractive. Visiting Amber Fort in Night time can definitely help you to get rid of them.

Best time of the day to Visit Amber Fort – 6.30 to 7 PM.

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