8 Interesting facts about Rajasthan that will make you love this place

When we consider Rajasthan we consider deserts, camels and Kathputli dolls. Be that as it may, there is much more to Rajasthan than those common place travel inventory pictures. When you really visit the spot, there’s much progressively enchantment, significantly more shading and much more life on each and every road. Here are 8 things about India’s biggest express that demonstrate that India is in reality, Incredible.

  1. Every city in Rajasthan is almost have coordinated colour themes. Like Jaipur is somewat pink, Udaipur is bright white, Jodhpur is silky blue and Jhalawar is dark purple. These colours make rajasthan look so bright.

    City of Jodhpur, Rajasthan
    Blue City Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  2. Huge hollywood styled fields will make you confuse whether it’s a rich green field of Punjab or a hilly area like Himalayas.

    Jaipur Fort, Rajasthan

  3. During Monsoons, you will see plenty of crowd on the rooftops of their houses playing with kites or doing variety of activities.
  4. The type of music these cab drivers of Rajasthan plays makes you trippin like you listening to some English Chartbusters.
  5. Don’t confuse these people under ghunghats and turbans non Friendly. They are the jolliest people you will ever meet filled with love laughter and zest for life.
  6. A variety of traditional colourful wears like saree is seen on the streets. The bright colours will make you want to wear them too
  7. THE TRUCK ART is something you will never find anywhere else. Every truck has a new story to tell with the portraits or art designs on it.
  8. Just like a multi hued painting, the sky changes colours very often with a sudden change of the climate. The beautiful trails of clouds can be seen from far away.

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