8 things you never knew about the Himalayas
Facts about himayas

The Great Himalayas have dependably had a touch persona to them. Standing tall and great, with snow-topped mountain crests, valleys, icy masses, streams, and changed and rich vegetation, this mountain go is an image of excellence.

It is this spiritualist excellence of the Indian Himalayas that has pulled in individuals from over the globe(including a portion of the world’s most prominent hikers) to encounter and investigate this regular magnum opus.

The grand Himalayas own a sensational expression on the geography of the Earth. A captivating endowment of Mother Nature, this mountain framework isn’t only a prominent occasion goal, yet in addition a money box of unexplored territories hanging tight to be found by bold mountain climbers.

On the off chance that scaling statures is your blood, you should set out toward the last boondocks of tallness on planet Earth – the Himalayas. Glorious and scaring, the Himalayas that perpetually remain hung in snow have captivated the people of yore and the advanced men alike. They have been, after some time, implanted in religions and societies like no other mountain run in this world. They are epic and puzzling, they are unforgiving and unblemished, they are youthful and dynamic. Give us today a chance to learn 40 fascinating Himalayas certainties and endeavour to comprehend these glorious mountains more in subtleties.

  1. The Himalayas are itself a range and not a mountain and are the youngest range in the world.
  2. The range of Himalayas is very geographically active which means that within 10 million years the continents of India will move approximately 1500 km further into the continent of Asia and will tear apart in the next billion years.
  3. The northern range of these two parallel ranges is called Trans-Himalayas. The southern range runs 3 parallel ranges known as the Greater Himalayas, The lesser Himalayas and the foothills.
  4. These huge ranges serve as a natural barrier for India past historic times even during historic wars between India, China and Mongols.
  5. Tenzing Norway who was the first person to touch the highest peak of the Himalayas – Mount Everest, with Edmund Hillary has said to bury his daughters drawing pencils there.
  6. With the proven tests of many geologists, they have come to the conclusion that the Himalayas are very much alive and they move by 20mm per year every year.
  7. As these ranges are very active they are very much prone to landslides, earthquakes and tremors.
  8. It is also somewhat believed that the origin of the Gobi and the Taklamakan deserts in Central Asia was due to the Himalayas.


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