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The erstwhile capital of the Mughal Empire throughout the reign of Akbar, And an unmissable destination on the itinerary of each human to the Republic of India, city offers a revealing glimpse into the refinement of Mughal elegant life and Mughal sensibilities, captured in its several historical sites, that additionally to mausoleum, embrace Fatehpur Sikri, the city Fort and therefore the tombs of distinguished members of the royalty.

Honoured with the Aga Khan Award for its subject area excellence, ITC Mughal has been engineered to pay a fitting tribute to the current gloriously historic town. faithful its stately inspiration, ITC Mughal expresses the untrammelled luxury of a royal refuge, with its 5-star luxury accommodation, acres of gardens that bear the mark of the paradisiacal landscaping typical to Mughal gardens with the employment of water channels, fruit, and flower bearing trees and shaded walkways.

It has the excellence of being the winner of the primary Aga Khan Award for subject area Excellence, in Asia, and until date, the sole Indian edifice to possess won this prestigious international recognition. The edifice has the award as a result of the design of the property is galvanized by the heritage Mughal monuments, particularly Fatehpur Sikri and city Fort.

The only Indian building to possess won the celebrated Agha Khan Award for its wonderful illustration of Mughal design. Nestled amidst twenty-four acres of sprawling gardens, ITC Mughal is wherever the unreal Mughal Dynasty’s love of gardens finds Associate in nursing echo.

ITC Mughal welcomes its guests to expertise a journey of the Mughal Empire throughout its main entry – “Babur Darwaza” that is followed by a carven chute, cascading water during a distinctive pattern. The main lobby of ITC Mughal is devoted to the good king Akbar, whereas the varied gardens pay tribute to several of his wives.

The building additionally pays tribute to the second Mughal emperor, Humayun by displaying a bridge made over a lake of lilies, linking the lobby and therefore the construction.

This Luxury building in Agra comprising of 233 rich rooms and suites, recreates a paradise for the up to date Mogul- filled with splendour and perfection that was the hallmark of the Mughal empire.

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