Set on a one hundred acre non-public estate of native desert scrub, The Serai attracts inspiration from the royal caravan sites of Rajputana; mixing the dash and high-spiritedness of this Land of Kings. There’s no higher place from that to venture into the paranormal environment of Jaisalmer to get its legendary golden defense, a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage website.

Evening’s square measure spent beneath the large expanse of the desert sky, punctuated by the celebrities and ancient melodies of Manganiyar people musicians whose songs have haunted these dunes for hundreds of years.

The SUJÁN association to Jaisalmer is one in all relationship, of private connections, of a family being drawn to a destination decades past, that’s favored by several these days. Our luxurious desert camp and spa that was established in 2008 may be a spectacular getaway. In its initial year, The Serai was AN early Indian property to become a member of Relais & Châteaux. Several of the experiences shared at The Serai wouldn’t are attainable while not the collaboration of native communities.

The traditional people musicians, World Health Organization herbaceous plant for our family once we initial came here in 1971, square measure constant family of musicians World Health Organization share their music around the fire these days at The Serai. Our orient that initial journey several decades past continues to steer our guests through the history and legacies of Jaisalmer.

                                         THE STYLE

The Serai is Associate in Nursing oasis, an area for rest and rejuvenation within the desert, planned out with exactitude and detail. Designed on a linear grid rising up from the desert, it stands proud with some walls engraved in sandstone; with tents designed on an impressive scale. Native craftsman worked the stone, designed grand plunge pools, and an eminent inverted step well upon that lays the placid pool.

From the ‘grand’ in scale to the tiniest precious object and object, the camp captures and enhances the spirit of Jaisalmer. The Serai is straightforward, modern and chic. In white and gold, it shines within the heart of the Thar. Refined interventions of the crafts and textiles are woven into the property through carpets and turbans, throws and cushions, different the vivid colors of Rajasthan with the stark parcel of land of the Thar Desert, to form a tranquil house.

                                                       LUXURY TENTS

Our twenty-one tents are a pleasant symphony of designs. Fourteen tented suites provide spacious accommodation and canopy a part of over one thousand sq. feet. Six luxury tented suites have their own personal walled-in garden and sunken, heated dip pool with bathtub jets.

The exclusive royal tented suite has its own spa, outside pool, eating and lounge tents, all walled into a non-public enclosure. Every tent is raised on a honey-colored erinaceous rock footstall and comes with its own terrace lounge, saturated with natural lightweight and classy interiors, all rigorously chosen and organized by Anjali Singh.

                                                 DINING AND CUISINE

All Relais & Châteaux properties across the globe square measure distinctive and outstanding, reflective the place, its folks and their cultures. The Serai serves luxurious native delicacies in addition as delicious western repasts drawn from transmitted recipes that pattern the daily dynamic menus, meticulously planned, to administer you eclectic fare exploitation contemporary native organic ingredients.

You’ll prefer to dine at the feeding tent or anyplace on the website, and that we square measure continuously handy to make Associate in Nursing tough be spoken to fit your explicit want or mood. The Bar oozes comfort and beckons travelers to slide into the ample, hollow club–chairs, placed around plush accouterments. The fantastic interiors square measure best enjoyed with cocktails or different refreshing concoctions.


The Camp is dead placed for excursions to the unreal, twelfth-century desert kingdom of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is, of course, illustrious for its ‘Golden Fortress’ that you’ll explore on your practice the traditional defense town, marveling at the in an elaborate way carven religious belief temples and personal Havelis or mansions.

Artiodactyl safaris, desert drives and sundowners on the sand dunes square measure just a few of the opposite unforgettable and asked for escapades we provide. Every of our custom excursions is diode by an associate seasoned guide and might be engaged prior to, that is desirable, as an alternative on arrival at the camp, which is able to be subject to handiness.

                                                                                              THE SUJÁN SPA

Our extremely acclaimed SUJÁN Spa at The Serai, Jaisalmer, has been created by Rosamund Freeman-Atwood, of the globally known Raison d’Etre. The SUJÁN Spa includes four tents with interiors that induce soporific charm and a way of well–being set at intervals a walled garden.

A various menu of therapies ensures you expertise the mood and essence that your mind and body demands. From rousing reflexology to cleansing scrubs and reposeful massages, the organic and ayurvedic product we tend to use is created with ingredients from the Thar, mingling with associate degree array of healing herbs that leave you feeling relaxed and heavenly.


Jaisalmer sits on associate degree expanse of history that has been rigorously recorded by the bards of Rajasthan from the twelfth century once Rawal Jaisal of the Bhati Rajpoot social group engineered this ‘golden’ stronghold in 1156 AD. It straddled the once prosperous trade routes of the nice Thar Desert, hosting caravans into India, a number of them plying the subsidiary routes of the nice Silk Road, connecting China and Asia to the capitals of Europe. A ‘living’ fort, it’s at intervals its walls stunning palaces and Havelis, or townhouses.

The town is understood for its vivacious culture, unbroken alive by the completely hospitable desert folks. the govt. of Rajasthan recently initiated a clean–up drive and restoration of the historic Jaisalmer Fort, that in 2013 was declared associate degree United Nations agency World Heritage web site, a good tribute to the present extant medieval fortified town incised in yellow erinaceous rock, wherever the sun reflects the colors of the rainbow against the golden hues of the nice Thar Desert.

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