A list of frequently asked questions.
If yours remained unanswered send us an email on info@kiwintiger.co.nz

What airlines can I fly with?

We preferably book Singapore Airlines, Air India or Air New Zealand. Suitable flight options will be provided at the time of your booking.

Can I book my own flights?

Yes, you are welcome to book your own flights and an applicable amount will be reduced from your total tour cost.

Can I have a stopover on our way to or from India?

Our guests mostly choose to have a stopover in Singapore on their way or way back to/from India. This can be done at no extra costs mostly. We will let you know if there’s any extra costs applicable.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, an e-visa facility for India is available. We will apply your visa on your behalf and your visa fee is included in your tour package price.

Do I need immunisation?

Most of our guests has been recommended for Hepatitis-A vaccination only but we would suggest to consult your GP for the vaccination and medication.

Is travel insurance recommended?

We strongly recommend our guests to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance is not included in our tour packages.

Where can I convert New Zealand dollars to Indian rupees?

You can easily exchange New Zealand dollars at airports/hotels in India or an authorised money converter can be easily found in the markets or tourist places.

Is it safe to take money out or pay by credit/debit cards in India?

Yes, it is safe to use your card at ATMs, outlets or restaurants. 10,000 Indian rupees can be taken out from the ATM’s per day.

How do I get the drinking water supply?

Filtered water is safe to drink in India. Bottled drinking water and soft drinks are supplied on board at no extra cost. To reduce the single use plastic, we suggest our guests to bring a water flask with them to refill it with filtered water at a hotel/restaurant.

What's the climate like?

Weather in India is opposite to the New Zealand or Australian weather. In India October to March is the winter (Temperature ranging 5 – 20 degrees Celsius). December and January are the coldest. April to July is the summer (Temperature ranging 25 – 40 degrees Celsius) , monsoon in August & September with temperature ranging between 20 – 30 degrees celsius.

Where will we stay?

A variety of personally experienced and checked heritage properties, home stays and modern clinical hotels.

Can I have a single room? or what is single supplement cost?

The single supplement is a premium charged to solo traveler when they take a hotel room alone.

What is the food like?

A variety of food Indian and International options are available at the restaurants. Breakfasts are mostly buffets with Indian and continental options.

How does tipping system works in India?

Tipping culture works in India like any other major tourist destinations. It  is expected, and is entirely dependent on your gratifications. At the restaurants, it can be 10% of your total bill and for your driver or monument guides/tour escort, bottomline can be NZ $10 to NZ $20 a day per person.

How much money should I allow for Shopping?

Shopping amount depends on the things you select to buy. Expensive & inexpensive both shopping options are available in India.

What is the travel time between two cities?

Road travel between two cities is maximum 3-4 hours on average.

What mode of transport is used for my tour?

An SUV is used for a booking of 2 guests or less. Luxury van is used for 3 or more than 3 guests in a group.

How many people in a group?

Maximum 8 and minimum 2 guests in a group.

What cultural points should I know?

A full trouser and a half sleeve top is recommended to wear while visiting some religious places like temples.

Is umbrellas/rain coats are provided during rain?

Yes you’ll have umbrellas and rain coats on board in case of rain.