Shekhawati is a state of Rajasthan established first in 1445 AD. Located in northern Rajasthan
Shekhawati was flourished with traders in 17 th to 19 th century as it was the town came on the route
from China and North East India to the Western Ports of India which was a gateway to Europe.

Shekhawati people were wealthy merchants and they built lots of lavish Havelis decorated with
inside and outside Murals and Frescoes Paintings. All of these paintings were done by hands and are
lasting from centuries. These paintings were done mostly by using vegetable colours and real silver and gold. One can easily add up a tour to Shekhawati on their tour of India or more precisely tour of Rajasthan. Shekhawati is easily accessible from New Delhi or Jaipur by road or rail. The closest airport is Jaipur International airport which is around 182 K.M from Mandawa (a town of Shekhawati Region).
Famous locations to visit in Shekhawati Region are Ramgarh Shekhawati, Mandawa, Nawalgarh and
Laxmangarh. These towns are full of Havelis with mural and frescoes paintings and beautiful Havelis.


Visiting these places on your tour of India also gives you a good chance to observe the everyday life of rural Rajasthan and to try their local delicacies.
There are many hotels to choose for staying in Shekhawati ranging from luxury Mandawa Castle in Mandawa to a budget but more authentic Narayan Niwas Castle in Ramgarh Shekhawati. One visiting should consider the road conditions of rural Shekhawati as the roads interconnecting the small towns or villages are not so great. Other than this the people are friendly and welcoming and are highly inevitable to the foreign tourists.
The best month to visit this region is winter i.e between October to March.

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