Craft your dream Tour of India with us!

We are flexible to change your hotel categories and length of your tour. Adding up your preferences or designing a completely new itinerary according to your interest & need is just a message away!

If you find that your area of interest is missing from our suggested itinerary, for example a Day visit to ‘Old Delhi’ or adding up ‘Ranthambore Tiger Safari‘, ‘Jaisalmer‘ or ‘Bikaner‘  as extra destinations. We are ready to work on your suggestions!

Once we get initial idea about your preferences, our team will work on it and will be in touch with you to make this process easier and perfect for you!

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Call / Text +64 – 220 11 2045, Please note that given no. is a direct contact no. of your tour organiser, Vishal Kulria. It might be unreachable sometimes due to travel. Its Ideal to leave a text message or fill in the form on the right with the best time to receive a call back.

Time is the real Luxury!

Our available Pre-Designed Itineraries of your India tours are carefully crafted after years of real travel experiences.  We try to fit in most of the vivid activities and experiences comfortably available in your travel region and suitable to wide age group.

However India is a vast region with big cities. Adding up all the highlights of a city to couple of days travel might look good on the paper but can be drastically tiring for your holiday. Keep in mind that Time is the Real Luxury, Let’s get in touch!

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