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Nestled within the Aravalli Hills of the Udaipur space, RAAS Devigarh, AN 18th-century palace, holds a commanding position over one in each of the 3 main passes into its natural depression. Devigarh invitations guests to expertise this outstanding heritage property that has been remodeled into one in every of the premier five-star hotels in Rajasthan.

Much more than simply an area to remain, Devigarh may be a testament to the sweetness and charm of old-world Rajputana, showcasing AN array of ornamental designs and improved gardens. The palace was fixed to its former glory in 1999 and regenerate into an all-suite luxury building. The modern, minimalist style of its interior juxtaposes with the traditional and ornate design of its exterior.

This distinctive mix of recent and new is encapsulated at its entrance, wherever 2 12-foot blocks of uncut, white marble stand to attention. These stones, during this raw and pure condition, area unit a comforting promise of the new and unequalled experiences that exist store for each guest at Devigarh.

                                                           The History

Strategically placed on prime of a hill within the Aravalli vary, the Devigarh Palace overlooks the village of Delwara. Its construction was completed within the year 1760, underneath the reign of Rajrana Sajja Singh II. The palace was originally engineered mistreatment regionally strip-mined marble, a observe that was followed once more throughout its restoration.

Known earlier as Delwara Fort Palace, the origins of the building lie long before its completion in 1760. In recognition of his service to the renowned Maharana Pratap of Mewar, the domain of Delwara was talented to Rajrana Sajja Singh and his brother, Ajja Singh, following the battle of Haldighati within the year 1576.

The palace-fortress, because it will be seen these days, tells the story of its brave and dependable benefactors, and with the approaching of the trendy era, it’s been remodeled into one amongst the foremost spectacular luxury travel destinations of the region. The restoration of the building was undertaken by a team of 750 individuals over an amount of virtually fifteen years. Finally, in 1999, Devigarh opened its gates to the general public, providing guests a mix of new-world comforts and old-world charm.


Garden Suite

The Garden Suites at Devigarh capture the serenity and impressiveness of the flora and fauna. Dominating the palace’s most lovely garden, guests will lounge and relax within the seclusion of their personal tented-terrace. Inside, the suite showcases tortuous inexperienced and white marble works. The natural magnificence of those rooms creates an environment of peace and quiet that can’t be matched elsewhere in Udaipur.

Palace Suite

Keeping in-tuned with Devigarh’s gentle roots, the Palace Suites supply true luxury. Each suite includes a distinctive style and their marble interiors square measure adorned by combos of semi-precious stones. The items of contemporary design showcase the standard of the locals’ handicrafts. Matched in grandeur on the skin, guest’s square measure able to relish wonderful views over the fields and mountains of the Rajasthani country and also the instance village of Delwara. The tranquil aangans [courtyards] adjoined to those rooms square measure a final flourish of royal magnificence that you just won’t need to go away behind.

Aravalli Suite

The Aravalli Suite offers guests a keep within the previous Hindustani palace that is each stately and authentic. Self-praise complete privacy and commodiousness, their styles incorporate ornate and ancient motifs that area unit etched superbly across long stretches of wall and flooring. Equally stunning area unit the views on either side, one across the spectacular Aravalli hills and therefore the different towards the spectacular building interiors: the black marble Kamal [Lotus] grounds that depicts the image of a lotus in bloom, the room grounds, and therefore the Janana grounds.

Devigarh Suite

The Devigarh Suite caters for your every want and will therefore modish. The fascinating golden room extends onto a personal deck and bath wherever guests will experience the perfection of our most prestigious suite. This complicated includes a personal black marble pool and space enough to get pleasure from secluded feeding expertise beside it. For a bigger cluster, the Devigarh complicated combines this suite with one among our Aravalli Suites that adjoins the pool space. The theme of the complicated is that the divine bond between Shiva, Shakti, and his beloved vahana [steed], Nandi, comprising the best object of Hindu faith.


Devigarh offers to vary variety|a spread} of native and international cookery to suit all tastes and in an exceeding range of settings that blow their own horns the hidden jewels of the palace. Breakfast and Dinner square measure served in our edifice, while Lunch is often enjoyed within the Bar. We are able to conjointly serve you in your area, by the pool, or whichever a part of the palace takes your fancy. We’ve got non-public eating choices for parties of all sizes. Area Service is on the market 24/7; if you ought to need something, we’re available. We have a tendency to even have an ardent spa menu, that offers a spread of choices to spice up your health exploitation the purest of ingredients and as well as healthful seasoned teas.


Whatever time of day, whether or not you are when a glass of wine on the balcony or a mid-morning chai masala within the lounge, the Bar is well-stocked for all occasions. From its terrace, the sun is seen setting behind the hills and provides the proper evening atmosphere to fancy over refreshing cocktails. Open all day and late into the evening, we tend to serve recent low, hand-squeezed juices, and plenty of alcoholic choices. Our wine list showcases the simplest of India’s industrious vineyards, likewise as a rigorously curated choice of international wines, right up to the best of champagne.


Our eating place serves a seasonal menu, with ingredients home-grown and picked a stone’s throw from the palace in our chef’s garden. The eating place offers very good broad views over the encompassing country and therefore the Aravalli hill varies. The clean, minimalist style is complemented by original wall paintings of Devigarh’s former rulers and historic pictures of the palace.

Durbar Courtyard

A confined curtilage that boasts a spectacular read of the skyline, the room curtilage offers diners a novel ambiance that’s complemented by the soft sounds of the gently cascading water fountains. This might perform as a non-public venue for AN intimate lunch, wherever diners will relish secluded moments with their favored ones. It’s additionally a perfect destination for evening drinks for 25-30, providing AN outdoor venue with desirable views.

Hawa Gokra

The Hawa Gokra is another intimate setting for meals. The area was originally engineered with several windows to harness the refreshing energy of the natural breeze and keep it cool within the summer. This subject area part has the lucky coincidence of conjointly making beautiful views from the highest of the palace. Clothed with roses and candles, it becomes an awfully special place to share dinner.

Janana Courtyard

Janana grounds contain a contemporary fountain beside AN ancient swing. Fancy native delicacies from our best room during this out-of-door setting that’s steeped within the history of Devigarh palace. Janana means that ‘Maidens’, and also the Janana grounds were once reserved because of the women’s quarters of the palace. Currently receptive all, you may be welcome by black-top tables, several candles, and an array of flowers. Areas for all seasons, winter guests, specifically, are delighted by the employment of bonfires, placed for your comfort.

Lounge Balcony

Offering clear views of Delwara village, the Lounge Balcony is good for couples or a family to fancy a made-to-order meal. Crammed with recent flowers and candles, the Lounge Balcony is supported on all sides by adorned marble pillars, whereas below, a ceiling mirror reflects the wonder that surrounds you. The lounge balcony could be a home for fine feeding, sensible friends and sensible cheer.

Phool Bagh

A contemporary garden within the heart of Devigarh Palace, Phool Bagh, our nice field, offers you associate lingering scene of the palace to enhance your banquet. The trees of Phool Bagh, ringed in sparkling lights, produce a glittery landscape that mirrors the star-like sky as a dinner venue for an outsized gathering.

Pool Deck

No trip to the Devigarh Palace is complete while not a meal enjoyed with the scene of the setting sun. High the Aravalli vary, this outside terrace comes equipped with protecting canopies to combat unforeseen climatic conditions. The perfect venue for breakfast, evening drinks, high-tea or dinner, because the pool sedately laps close to you.

Roof Top

The Roof prime offers diners an internal gallery with a non-public Jharokha [balcony] to fancy their meal in. fancy the most effective of the palace’s cookery beneath the celebrities, or secure from the sun beneath a cover with cooling breezes. The Roof prime offers diners a singular viewpoint over Delwara village and this lush region of Rajasthan, an unforgettable venue for lunch, dinner, or simply to boost a glass to the great life.

Sheesh Mahal

The Sheesh Mahal may be an extremely fashionable setting for meals. This intimate area, with windows giving views from high over the Udaipur rural area, preserves the palace’s history within the hand-decorated mirrors that adorn the walls. Devigarh’s kings once used this as a spot to entertain their queens and royal guests, currently, you’ll take their place. Once ready with candles and flowers, the full area glows warmly.

Silver Lounge

Furniture coated with silver, and walls that mirror the luxurious of the space, the Silver Lounge offers diners associate luxuriousness that has created it one in every of the foremost fascinating places to eat around Udaipur. Candles area unit came upon across every table to make a mesmeric ambiance, and also the quality of the food matches that of the setting.


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