Suryagarh Jaisalmer

                 Suryagarh Jaisalmer

We believe we have a tendency to aren’t simply an edifice, however, represent a singular manner of life, rigorously protective the traditions of our past nonetheless framing them in an exceedingly trendy idiom.

The edifice takes the trail less traveled and discovers with you, secrets of a land that are long shrouded in story and legend. With nice thought for your comfort, our explicit complete of welcome is intuitive and real.


Thar Haveli

The Thar Haveli at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, evokes a profound longing. Absolutely appointed rooms area unit equipped with up-to-date fashionable conveniences and appearance out onto wide sweeping vistas of an unmatched scrub desert. The views provide serenity and tranquillity as they appear out onto a largeness of landscape that meanders infinitely. The’ frozen within the gift day with limpid azure time pools and immaculate pantry man service the terrible air of those erinaceous rock edifices suggests the purity and beauty of a venerable era.

Suryagarh Suite

From lavish to intimate in scale, these rooms square measure singly organized to permit private preferences. Embellished with made native textures and with upper side pools they provide a peaceful sanctuary far from the din and also the dirt of the town. Superlative comforts characterize these fastidiously elaborated rooms that are thoughtfully curated as a harbor for the sharp and complicated human.

Jaisalmer Haveli

Forged by the sun and therefore the sand, steeped within the nice antiquity of this land, these intimate complete suites sensitively reconcile courtyards and connect areas of ancient living with the additional modern want for privacy and house. Each stone is handcrafted; each feature is thoughtfully supposed to replicate parts of the autochthonous desert culture nonetheless all the whereas maintaining the integrity of chic, progressive comfort.

Luxury Suite

Spacious and opulent, these rooms square measure supposed for comfort and relaxation. Irresistible massive beds and stately furnishings are designed keeping in mind the comforts of our guests. These appealing suites radiate identical charm that’s predominant throughout the edifice.

Signature Suite

Immerse yourself in class. These expansive rooms embody a sublime seating room and are available equipped with progressive facilities. The terrible location of those equipped suites offers Brobdingnagian and wide views of the encompassing country, the huge Thar Desert. These giant rooms and immaculate interiors area units utterly curated and serve to reinforce the expertise of our guests.

Heritage Room

The Grand Heritage Rooms at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, represent an unchanged Rajasthan. Ethereal and bright the furnishings set trendy tones with ancient accents in an exceeding language that’s kind of our guests’ comfort and expectations of contemporary luxuries.

Fort Room

The Fort Rooms area unit specially designed to suit the surface of our discerning guests. Heat and comfy the rooms provide a style of times past however area unit fitted with all trendy conveniences. Spacious and comfy they give the impression of being out on to wide verandas and turrets appreciate authentic palace design.

Pavilion Room

The marquee Rooms exude refinement and quality. Every area features a luxurious modern feel that conjointly offers brilliant views of the unconquerable landscape, the huge undulating Thar Desert. Utterly equipped with all fashionable amenities the rigorously chosen furnishings square measure harmonized with the dateless piece of furniture and decoration particularly curated for our distinguished guests.

          Wedding at Suryagarh

The hallmark of Suryagarh could be a belief within the extraordinary, similarly as in excellence, comfort, and consistency. Our actuation is passion; for quality, for people, and for no-hit interaction.

Our philosophy is to line standards and to be that one crucial step ahead. Here during this quiet corner of Rajasthan, history is that the foundation and your destination wedding expertise, original.



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